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Recent years changed the mindset behind how pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies spread its achievements across the verticals for achieving competitive advantage over others.

Our Scientific Publication writing team helps authors and scientific professionals in developing their research work into Journal article that has been systematically developed, peer-reviewed, edited, proofread, formatted as per the standards of the journal. Our team of expertise help in shaping your manuscript that is readily accepted by publications. Our solutions are custom-made, professionally handled by Subject Matter Expert of your domain, systematically reviewed by Key Opinion Leaders and given a final form before it reaches you/the editor. Once the Journal editor rejects the article, you would always receive a point-by-point explanation on what grounds the article was rejected. Experts at Medical Writing Experts address each and every point and send you a rebuttal letter to justify your research views and help you in getting your research published successfully.

Our proficiency and passion towards liaising with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders including authors, key opinion leaders and local and international clients across therapeutic areas keep us ahead in the market Medical Writing Experts has a strong base of PhDs. Medical Writing Experts works with principles of creativity, value timely deliverance, and more importantly, believe in driving the process proactively. Our experts who’ve been working with global pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academia across the continents dig deep into client’s scientific discoveries and bring out the best and accurate interpretation of any finding by applying analytical and logical mindset

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Our Offerings


  • Case Report
  • Original Research Article / Manuscript
  • Review Article
    • General Review
    • Systematic Review
    • Meta-Analysis
  • All manuscripts at Medical Writing Experts are written by doctors and edited by specialized experts
  • We appoint only Subject Matter Experts in the writing team. We have a network of highly qualified doctors and researchers to support a variety of therapeutic services.
  • We help in publishing
  • We help you find well-matched journals in your area of specialty and publish it. We customize your manuscript to the publication’s practice.
  • Data Management
  • We can assist in data collection and organize research data in such way it is pleasing to the publication. This assists in data analysis and reduces the time to publication.

There is frequent need to combine evidence from various studies when evaluating medical interventions from clinical research. Meta-analysis is an established statistical method for this synthesis when the evidence consists of several noses to nose comparisons of two treatments. The estimation of the relative efficiency of two treatments for which no head-to-head evidence is available is known as an indirect comparison. Mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis is a generalization of standard pair-wise meta-analysis that derives estimates of treatment effects from a synthesis of direct and indirect evidence.

When you wish to include a meta-analysis in your proposal, first consider the number of comparable quantitative studies available to supply raw data. With professional help from Medical Writing Experts, you will be able to do a rewarding meta-analysis of the literature sources. Meta-Analysis at Medical Writing Experts will help you show that you are not just familiar with the reference source but also project you as someone who could write technically and critically sound literature review. This enhances your chances of being cited.

For many researchers, the most frightening aspect of writing grant proposals involves developing the sections about research design and planned statistical analyses. At Medical Writing Experts, our grant-writing consultants are experienced in developing grant proposals to secure research funds. Collectively, our grant-writing consultants have provided grant-writing services that have helped our clients receive funding from private companies, foundations, and government agencies. We are ready to assist you by helping you write the sections of your grant proposal about research design and statistical analysis and by serving as an objective, third-party evaluator of your grant proposal.

We offer grant-writing services for individuals, foundations, academic institutions, corporations, medical/health organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Writing a seminar provides you an opportunity to publish and develop professional reputation

  • Seminar paper at Medical Writing Experts fulfils two important functions.
    • It reflects the author’s development in the subject for which it was written. It demonstrates the author’s intellectual progress and meets, as closely as possible, the publisher’s expectations.
    • A good seminar paper fits into the author’s scholarly trajectory. However relevant to the individual’s specialization, it should generate ideas, skills, research, and questions that contribute to his or her overall scholarly project.

We maximize Your Grant Success Rates and Minimize Resubmissions

You could have a brilliant and novel research idea, but the quality of your research proposal or grant proposal depends not only on the superiority of your proposed project but the quality of your medical writing. We aim to help researchers, students, and professionals in writing the desired research proposal, manuscripts, grant applications, etc. with the inputs provided by the clients and from our expert’s study. We follow these rules for all our developmental activities

  • We prepare a detailed, convincing, lucid, unambiguous and compelling content.
  • We make sure that your research emerges unique from amongst others and enhance your chances
  • We evidently identify the objectives, validation, and methodologies to be adopted in conducting the research
  • We write comprehensive and persuasive grant proposals.
  • We ensure that the proposal addresses the client’s needs and identifies existing gap in the literature
  • We make sure that the proposal provides a solution to an existing problem.
  • We ensure that the proposals comply with the guidelines and formats of the funding agency as far as possible.
  • The medical writers are practicing physicians and active researchers and have experience in writing research proposals on a regular basis. Development Activities at MedEx


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We offer the different types of the Scientific and medical writing services such as Manuscript Development, Case Report, Original Research Article / Manuscript , Meta Analysis, Research Proposal, Review Article, General Review, Systematic Review, Clinical & Medical Seminar Paper Development and Medical Grant Proposal.
Our qualified medical writers are good in writing the different types of scientific documents such as regulatory and clinical writing, research-related and drug/disease related documents, publication support services, manuscript editing services and scientific publication support.
Our Medical Writing Experts team possesses the following skill that helpful in the area of Scientific and medical writing.
• Thoroughly scrutinize documents requirement.
• They provide comprehensive knowledge of the regulations such as European, US, and international pharmaceutical. (If any)
• Analyses and visualize the output that demonstrates the outcomes of a study.
• They build a clear and consistent documents complaints along with the regulation requirements or appropriate authorities inquiries
• Regulate and coordinate the essential inputs from the clinical team
• Stage-manage an effective and disciplinary Document review process
Produce the template documents that exactly replicate the complete study information or data and meanwhile; it meets the required international standards.
Medical Writing Experts writes any type of Scientific, medical and technical documentation including Clinical study report (CSR), Clinical Trial Report (CTR), Common Technical Document (CTD), Annual Safety Report (ASR), Investigational New Drug (IND), Pediatric Study Plan (PSR), Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD), Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUP), Risk Management Plan (RMP), Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) and more.
Yes, Medical Writing Experts Main Motto is to work hands-on with our clients to give 100% satisfaction based on their requirements. From start to end, you can be sure of proactive coordination of our experts. Our Medical teams have the capability to handle any Scientific and medical writing services documentation.
Yes. We offer all-inclusive therapeutic expertise across a wide variety of indications. Medical Writing Experts shapes its clinical trials services to meet your requirements. We can provide complete program development, delivery services for any part of a trial that you are looking to outsource or even save failing trials. With our experienced clinical research, medical and scientific professionals, we have an in-depth knowledge that allows us to apply new concepts and innovation into clinical trials.
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