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Client Profile

The client is a foremost healthcare researcher that is involved in undertaking extensive research on patients with an objective to enhance the patients’ recovery process.

The Setting :

The client initiated and conducted a study on nutritional aspects of diabetic patients by introducing a customized diet plan. The objective was to test the effectiveness of the diet plan.

The Problem :

In this case the client had undertaken an extensive research to determine the nutritional effects of a diet plan on diabetic patients. The client had everything in place and it managed to execute the research that included around 1000 – 1200 respondents from a specific geographic area. The objective of the client was to study patients’ food patterns before implementing the diet plan and after the diet plan was implemented. Needless to say, the said diabetic patients didn’t have a specific diet plan that helped them to monitor and control their disease levels. Since they didn’t have any diet plan, they were keen to adopt an elaborate diet plan that was presented to them. While they actively participated in the study that involved over viewing their nutritional aspects before implementing the diet plan, it turned out that out of the total respondents only around 80 percent of diabetic patients reverted back to share the effects of the diet plan after they implemented it. This put the client in a dilemma as they were unable to compare the results of both the data i.e., before implementing the diet plan and after implementing the diet plan.

The Solution :

The client approached Guires Outsourcing with the pressing problem that they were facing as to comparing the available data to check the effectiveness of the diet plan. Guires, being well versed in undertaking such bio-statistical activities and having executed similar analysis for several clients ranging over a wide spectrum of industries, used their experience and in-house expertise to arrive at feasible solution that would serve the objective of the client.

The role of Guires:

Guires played a vital role in executing this project. As a matter of fact, biostatistics was deployed to accumulate clinical data, analyze data, interpret data and explain and present facts in a succinct manner. Applying biostatistics enabled Guires to portray, recapitulate, present and interpret the findings of the analysis in a cohesive manner.

How Guires Helped :

As is the criteria for any task to be executed successfully, the project specifics need to be understood. Guires undertook a detailed discussion with the client to understand the project details. However, the client themselves were not sure about their requirements. The client provided us with a
model paper based on which we were required to undertake analysis and arrive at a conclusion. But when the results were delivered we received instructions to alter the results according to new requirements that the client presented. The client kept on changing the factors that needed to be included while conducting the study. Once they wanted the results to consider whether the patients also had back pain or whether the respondents were habituated to smoking. They kept on changing the variables with every result that we delivered. It was a lengthy procedure as the analysis had to be undertaken several times which was time consuming and rendered the earlier results obsolete.

Finally, what we did was study the available data pertaining to both before and after the diet plan was implemented. Since it was a voluntary task, we realized that it was futile to fill in the gap created by the missing data as it was simply not feasible to follow up with the patients to collect the remaining data. We then devised a unique method to overcome this issue by opting to compare the available data with the diet plan.

By comparing the available data with the diet plan, we were able to formulate the effects the diet plan had on the selected patients. We executed this task by collating the available data pertaining to the number of respondents in the study with the diet plan.

This activity also involved taking into account baseline information and existing data of the patients’ nutritional status before and after the diet plan was implemented. This information was particularly useful in identifying the nutritional effects on patients. We also analyzed the dietary pattern and
undertook nutritional epidemiological study of the respondents. Next, we established links and association of various variables with the nutritional data. This was done by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

Tools like binary and multiple logistical regression, simple linear regression, factor and frequency analysis etc., were employed to achieve results. Thus we were able to arrive at a conclusion that exceeded the expectations of the client. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome and appreciated the assistance that we extended.

We made it Happen :

Undoubtedly, the task at hand was daunting to say the least. But we made it happen by sheer use of bio-statistical methods to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. While the client was worried about not having the requisite data to complete the project, we circumnavigated around the problem by not
comparing the data of nutritional effects before and after implementing the diet plan with each other. Rather we opted to compare the available data with the diet plan. In doing so, we were able to achieve the results in an accurate and comprehensive manner. As a matter of fact, biostatistics was deployed to accumulate clinical data, analyze data, interpret data and explain and present facts in a succinct manner. Applying biostatistics enabled us to portray, recapitulate, present and interpret the findings of the analysis in a cohesive manner.

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About Guires :

Guires Outsourcing, a pioneer in outsourcing solutions enables organizations to achieve their pre-determined goals through strategic research, aided with a profound understanding of diverse industry sectors.

Why choose Guires :

Guires offers a diverse range of bio-statistical services and specializes in developing customized bio-statistical solutions that are designed to achieve the client’s objective in a precise yet comprehensive manner. Guires understands the intricacies involved in bio-statistical activities
and offers a wide-ranging assortment of services that facilitates organizations to achieve their project specific requirements in a thoroughly systematic manner. Biostatisticians at Guires offer an in-depth insight into analytic design and build intricate bio-statistical analysis strategies. Moreover, the highly experienced and dedicated team of biostatisticians at Guires is committed to a project right from commencement to termination.

What we offer? :

Bio-statistical services are offered to various industrial sectors. Our creative, researchoriented
and effective bio-statistical services facilitate you to:-

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  • Undertake extensive data analysis
  • Correlate analyzed data
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